Videos - OnePlaceMail in action

View the video demonstrations and learn more about how OnePlaceMail can:

  • Promote SharePoint as your enterprise information management environment
  • Capture information assets and critical business records from Outlook
  • Capitalise on your investment in SharePoint as a document management platform
  • Deliver efficient processes from the desktop all the way through to SharePoint.
Watch videos on how OnePlaceMail R6.4 extends SharePoint Site Mailboxes to deliver richer SharePoint solutions.

OnePlaceMail in less than 5 Minutes!

Click here to view the highlights video

There are two editions of OnePlaceMail available for download - the Express Edition (100% Free) and the Enterprise Edition with further enterprise capabilities and functionality.

Express Edition

OnePlaceMail Express EditionOnePlaceMail Express Edition is free for up to 25 users.

Feature rich solution for saving content from Outlook to SharePoint. You can also Search and access the full power of SharePoint from within Outlook.


Enterprise Edition

OnePlaceMail Enterprise EditionStart a OnePlaceMail Enterprise Edition 30 day Trial.

Access further enterprise capabilities, premium support and integrate with line of business solutions to drive the user adoption of SharePoint.