Outlook to SharePoint integration

Seamlessly connect Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint

Capture emails (with attachments) or attachments individually

OnePlaceMail provides an intuitive and familiar filing experience for saving emails from Outlook to SharePoint.  OnePlaceMail lets users:

  • Outlook to SharePoint emails with attachmentsDrag and drop from Outlook to SharePoint: Drag and drop emails to SharePoint (no prompts). This captures email attributes automatically (including To, From, Subject, Date, Attachment names, conversion ID, etc) making it easier and more efficient to share information while increasing organisational information compliance.
  • Duplicate email checking.
  • Store emails in their native .msg format, maintaining the integrity of emails and attachments.
  • Capture additional upload information as defined by the destination library/list and content type at the point of upload.
  • Drag and drop email attachments from Outlook to SharePoint (also capturing the emails attributes of the source emails).


Save Email Attachments to SharePoint

Email attachments can be dragged and dropped directly from an email into SharePoint via OnePlaceMail:

  • Email attributes from the host email are automatically captured and stored with the saved attachments in SharePoint
  • Additional SharePoint metadata (Columns) can enter entered/selected when saving the files to SharePoint

Smart filing of email messages

Override the SharePoint default Content TypeOnePlaceMail provides the ability to select from one or more SharePoint Content Types available within a library, list, folder or document set when completing metadata. The default content type is based on the SharePoint configuration for the selected SharePoint location.

In the event of saving email messages (,msg file), OnePlaceMail provides the ability to override the SharePoint default Content Type and use a Content Type of your choice.  Therefore, streamlining the process of selecting an appropriate Content Type based on the type of information being saved to SharePoint.  If you are saving other file types (e.g. Word documents, psf files), the SharePoint default will continue to be used.

Apply custom metadata at the point of upload

OnePlaceMail drives the user adoption of SharePoint by streamlining the capture of relevant metadata:

  • Outlook to SharePoint apply meta dataCapturing Microsoft SharePoint column information directly from the desktop application at the time of upload. The interface feels like a natural extension to the Outlook/Office interface.
  • Typing ahead on enterprise keywords and managed metadata (terms and taxonomy Microsoft SharePoint 2010) from Outlook/Office 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 with high performance on large taxonomies.
  • Capture standard email attributes automatically
  • Integrate with other line of business systems to capture additional information at the point of upload. 

OnePlaceMail supports:

  • Multiple content types
  • Multilingual terms taxonomy stores
  • Custom sorting on enterprise and managed metadata
  • Folder level defaults
  • List level validation (full support for Microsoft SharePoint configuration).

Email Integration with Terms and Taxonomy

OnePlaceMail provides full type-ahead capabilities into your SharePoint Terms and Taxonomy store. Directly from within Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 you can use the full type ahead capabilities on both the Enterprise keywords and Managed Metadata column to efficiently classify content according to your Terms and Taxonomy. OnePlaceMail also supports type-ahead capabilities on multilingual Term Stores.

View Items and copy metadata from existing SharePoint items

Copy metadata from existing SharePoint itemsOnePlaceMail automatically captures email attributes and also provides a comprehensive API (integration capability) to help automate the capture of metadata from other systems. In addition to the automatic capture of metadata, OnePlaceMail also supports Location level default capabilities of SharePoint 2010/2013 and default values for columns including the Enterprise Keywords/Managed Metadata.

Where the user is required to enter further information as per the columns defined in SharePoint , OnePlaceMail provides the capability to copy metadata from an existing Item. This reduces the user effort when completing metadata and drives the adoption of your SharePoint solutions.


Attachment and performance management

Attachment and performance management ensures fast and accurate saving of files by:

  • Replacing attachments with links to uploaded items in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Supporting libraries with large folder structures without impacting Microsoft Outlook performance
  • Providing support for presenting Microsoft SharePoint libraries and lists within Microsoft Outlook in a folder structure relevant to the current users (from many Microsoft SharePoint server farms/site collections).


Send and Save Emails to SharePoint - Productivity enhancements

Existing Microsoft SharePoint/mixed environments

OnePlaceMail adheres to the Microsoft SharePoint security model and supports:

Outlook to SharePoint integration OnePlaceMail adheres

  • Libraries and lists
  • Library folder structures
  • SharePoint column defaults
  • Column validation
  • Unique document numbering
  • Check-in/checkout
  • Version control
  • Option to automatically check-in multiple uploaded documents (assuming item's validation is successful).